The Trust

The Sydney-May Trust believes that nobody should have to suffer the loss of a child

Dedicated to helping expecting and new parents minimise the risk of the loss of a child due to SIDS, mother to Sydney-May, Jemma Roberts, founded the Trust in her memory.

Sydney-May suddenly passed away on the 10th of December after a short 3 months and 4 days of happiness. This left her family heartbroken. But it also left them determined, and dedicated to helping people understand what SIDS is, how to prevent it, and how to cope.

The Trust aims to provide the resources that parents need to keep their children safe and sound. This includes providing breathing and movement monitors, which keep track of every aspect of your child’s sleep, and alerts you to any problems. This helps you increase the likelihood that you will be able to avoid the loss of a child. The Trust also raises money for Infant CPR Training. This is to ensure that parents know exactly what to do in the event that their little one stops breathing.

The loss of a child is the most traumatic event that a parent can possibly witness. With your help, the Sydney-May Trust can give parents with young children the utmost peace of mind. And, most importantly, save the lives of small and vulnerable children. But, your help and donations are needed to ensure that this happens.

You can donate to the Trust in a number of ways. You can give money to our Crowdfunding page, visit the donations page on this website, or even attend a fundraising event. 

Any donations help to raise SIDS awareness, and will go towards protecting the life of a young child. Whether you can only afford to give five pounds, or want to donate a larger sum, all donations are welcome at the Sydney-May Trust.